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Analytic idealism & ITC

Join Ron Yacovetti & Lourdes Gonzalez for a one of a kind insightful look into the world of ITC spirit communication. Not only is their methodology different than the widely televised standard of a sweeping spirit box, but their rationale and supporting points of view are as well. Ron & Lourdes bring to the Paranormal, a philosophy of mind, Analytic Idealism, as a reframing of what nature and reality most likely is, which then makes what we've always called "Supernatural" quite natural. It is simply what nature is doing, not mystical hokum or superstition.

Their ITC method, rooted heavily in a modernized version of DRV: Direct Radio Voice, now known as STATICOM due to the removal of any radio, this method is yielding firsts in a handful of categories.

STATICOM is the 1st ITC method to use white noise yet NO radio to produce it or receive an inbound signal.

It is the 1st to take the entire review of audio process and infuse it into the moment of spirit contact as ITC was meant to be real time contact.

And the 1st ever to take "live white noise" - created by a generator (not a sleep machine) and slow THAT down in real time, making vocals much more discernible and understandable during a sitting.

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