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Staticom Experiencer Testimonials


We then went back to The The Haunted Shanley Hotel to ghost hunt. We got to witness the Staticom system with Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzalez. This was my first time experiencing Staticom, and it was incredible. We got many, very clear, responses to our questions. And yes, we got a "Peanut Butter" for Robert Stachowicz (if you know, you know). - Bill Bryan (MA) Engineer (Empty Casket Paranormal)


In this community you get to meet some really cool people. In most cases, you meet others and that's all it really is. In some rare cases, the people you meet can become great friends and share amazing experiences. I met Ron 'The Yacman' Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzalez a little over a year ago through April Busset when I invited them to investigate the Olde Columbus Inne. Since then, we have done multiple investigations together and every time I see them, they seem to have evolved their setup more and more. Now watching them do their thing, is simply an insane and jaw dropping experience.

Staticom far surpassed my expectations! The clarity and appropriateness of the words that came through it were astounding. I am still in awe and eager to experience it again. It is amazing! - Karen Langlois

Hello, I visited with you both on Sunday afternoon for your 3pm session and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you. You will never know how much that experience meant to me….

Hi, my sister and best friend came to your 1pm session today during the expo. Upon listening to the short video we took, we came to realize that our uncle was begging to give a message throughout the entire recording. He mentioned both my sister and I by name and gave a message to his 2 daughters and my mother (whose name he says) that he is sorry for the way he passed (which he also mentions in the recording). We didn't get the whole video, so I was wondering if you had a full recording and if so, we will send you a captioned version of the video once we get home. Thank you so much for this experience. My sister and I were moved to tears hearing his voice. I cannot express how jarring this video was once we realized. He states his name multiple times and mentions multiple family members by name. This will change my family's life. He mentions things nobody would ever know but us. I cannot thank you enough we will send our video later today. Thank you! -Emma Brouillard

Hi Ron, Could you please send me a copy of the recording from Tues? It seemed that it could have been my husband (coming through). The recording took me by surprise. My neighbors thought it could easily have been him, knowing his personality... I would like to hear it again

Hi Ron I was at the Paraunity expo last Saturday and came to your room and my son ((name)) came through and it was absolutely amazing! First and foremost I want to thank for an experience that was life changing and I will never forget and cherish forever. I wanted to know if you do private or even group sessions? My sister who wasn’t with me that day dreams of contacting someone. She would love to try and experience something even close to my conversation with my son. Message me whenever you can with any information as to how that would be possible. Thank you again for all your hard work dedication with making it all possible to speak to our loved ones. What you do is absolutely priceless and a gift like no other.

Ron & Lourdes Introduced me to an ITC development called "Staticom" – a cutting-edge spiritual communication device. 📡✨ 'We' may be at initial stages of talking... this might be the next level of connection that transcends boundaries. Stay close as we continue embarking on a journey into the realms beyond! --Aaron G Thompson (28 Days Haunted-Netflix)

Ron Yacovetti & Lourdes Gonzalez are special! Having attended staticom sessions in person has been nothing short of jaw dropping and amazing! The clear, direct and intelligent responses that come thru from spirit during a session is remarkable. -- Todd Kokotajlo (Paranormal Investigator)

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