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ITC : Instrumental Transcommunication


Ron "The Yacman" Yacovetti
Lourdes Gonzalez

GonYac Paranormal is dedicated not only to investigating historic and residential locations said to have paranormal activity, we are also routinely experimenting with spirit contact in weekly sittings at our home studio. DRV: Direct Radio Voice requires a consistent routine, which we have adhered to for over 3 years !

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TDSi: The Digital Séance initiative

Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzalez hold public sittings, of their newest fusion of methodologies known as TDSi: The Digital Séance initiative. This represents the focused resonance of a traditional séance, combined with the digital medium of a Staticom Project session.


Lecture Series:
The Staticom Project

Analytic Idealism & ITC

Join Ron and Lourdes for a presntation that will not only make you rethink everything you thought you knew about spirit communication, it will make you realize that what the phenomena may be capable of, is beyond all of our preconceived notions!

From theory, philosophy and history, to evidence files that will redefine the word "WOW" - you may want to grab a seat for the next lecture presentation !


The Staticom Project

Three and a half years into DRV: Direct Radio Voice research and experimentation, Ron & Lourdes teamed up with their podcast co-hosts and ITC greats Tony & Cherie Rathman. The pairing would not only prosper because of the love and respect shared, it also thrived because of the innovative thinking and openness that they brought to the table. As a result, the source of the applicable white noise in DRV, the radio, was removed and thus STATICOM was born.


Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzalez take you inside and behind the inner workings, mechanisms and philosophy of spirit communication. 

With Unitary Consciousness at the forefront of what we believe spirit communication is rooted in, the concepts behind Analytic Idealism and spirituality are paramount to understand.

Author: Ron Yacovetti

Ron Yacovetti has now authored four books, all non-fiction, engaging literary works meant to share and educate the ITC and paranormal enthusiast. 

Find, on AMAZON:

"Paranormally Speaking : Knowing Talking to the Unknown"

"ITC Technomancy: The Magical world of Electronic Spirit Communication"

"TDSi: The Digital Seance initiative"


"The Paranormalization: Memoirs of an Academic Layperson" ((Fall 2023))


"For the believer no evidence is necessary; for the skeptic no evidence will do"

The Late Peter James (Psychic Medium)


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